Re-Learning Java

Re-learning Java cleanly with Emacs.

12 years ago I started to contribute to Java-based projects. Then I learned about Python and Java fell to the side. Now I’m starting again, and this time I’m learning it right.

Install eclim, then run ./ to run the pre-configured Emacs.

See Enterprise Java Development in Emacs, the Emacs-Eclim-entry in the Emacs Wiki and the Emacs-Eclim-repository on Github.

API discovery is done automatically with eclim-auto-complete.

Use M-x eclim-problems-open to show warnings and highlighting.

Use C-x r w to store a current window configuration to a buffer. Use C-x r j to restore it (use to switch between reading and coding with wide enough screen for tooltips).

Open thinkjava.pdf for a Java tutorial.