A. How to build

I. Windows

* Ogre SDK for MinGW (pre built) 1.7.1:
* Boost 1_42_0:
* CMake:

1) Install everything (no need to compile boost)
2) Copy boost headers into Ogre SDK boost directory (no need to replace anything)
3) Run CMake in project directory. (Make sure to set to Eclipse)
4) First Run should result in an error "Please set OGRE_HOME to ogre SDK directory.".
   Set OGRE_HOME to the Ogre SDK root directory.
5) Set Build Target to Release or Debug, run CMake again, run Generate.

Run Game:
- copy Ogre dlls from OgreSDK\bin into root directory
- copy all dlls from dependencies\win32\lib into root
- copy all dlls form lib\[Debug|Release] into root
II. Mac OS

* Xcode
* NVIDIA Cg Toolkit:
  - copy Cg.framework to /Developer/Frameworks/
* Ogre SDK for Mac OS 1.7.1:
  - copy Ogre.framework to /Developer/Frameworks/
* Boost 1_42_0:
* CMake:
* libogg 1.2.0:
* libvorbis 1.3.1:

1) Build libogg:
	- open Xcode project in subdirectory macosx
	- change target to i386 32-bit, SDK to current for both project and build target
	- build and copy Ogg.framework to /Developer/Frameworks/
2) Build libvorbis:
	- same as libogg, copy Vorbis.framework to /Developer/Frameworks/
3) Follow instructions for windows from step 2.

Run Game:
- Make subdirectory Contents/Plugins
- Copy all Ogre *.dylib into Contents/Plugins
- Copy libOgreOggSound.dylib from /lib into Contents/Plugins

III. Linux

Not tested, probably need to adjust CMakeLists.txt; basically should work the same as on MacOS.

B. Build Targets
- Game: build main game and dependencies
- Test_d: build tests (Debug config only)
- tinyxml: build tinxyml library
- OgreOggSound: build OgreOggSound library

C. Win32: Build Dependencies
Note: Don't waste time and build OpenAL yourself, the binaries from the SDK work fine with MinGW

* tdm-gcc:
* libogg:
* libvorbis:

1) Install MinGW, MSYS, MSYS DTK; extract libogg and libvorbis somewhere
	- make sure to set paths to MinGW correctly during MSYS installation
	- MSYS might throw an error like "make not found" - ignore this
2) Start a MSYS console, 
	# cd /mingw/bin
	# ln -s mingw32-c++.exe c++.exe
	# ln -s mingw32-g++.exe g++.exe
	# ln -s mingw32-gcc-4.5.0.exe gcc-4.5.0.exe
	# ln -s mingw32-gcc.exe gcc.exe
	# ln -s mingw32-make.exe make.exe
3) cd into libogg directory
	# ./configure
	# make
	# make install
	- check if the libraries have been copied to MSYS\local\lib, if not copy them yourself from libogg\lib\.libs
	- do the same for the includes; check MSYS\local\include for the files from libogg\include
4) cd into libvorbis director
	# ./configure --with-ogg-includes=/usr/local/include --with-ogg-libraries=/usr/local/lib --disable-oggtest
	# make
	# make install
	- check lib and include as before
5) libraries and headers are now ready to use (MSYS\local\lib; MSYS\local\include)