Gary Oberbrunner committed 4c336fc

MSVC: show valid $TARGET_ARCH values when invalid arch passed in.

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+  From Gary Oberbrunner:
+    - Show valid Visual Studio architectures in error message
+       when user passes invalid arch.
   From Alexey Petruchik:
     - Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 11 (both using it
       and generating MSVS11 solution files).


         target = _ARCH_TO_CANONICAL[target_platform.lower()]
     except KeyError, e:
-        raise ValueError("Unrecognized target architecture %s" % target_platform)
+        all_archs = str(_ARCH_TO_CANONICAL.keys())
+        raise ValueError("Unrecognized target architecture %s\n\tValid architectures: %s" % (target_platform, all_archs))
     return (host, target,req_target_platform)


 __revision__ = "__FILE__ __REVISION__ __DATE__ __DEVELOPER__"
-Test the ability to configure the $PCHCOM construction variable.
+Test the ability to configure the $TARGET_ARCH construction variable.
 import TestSCons = ".")
+# test.pass_test()
+test.write('SConstruct', """
+env_xx = Environment(tools=['default', 'msvc'],
+                  TARGET_ARCH = 'nosucharch')
+""" % locals())
+ = ".", status=2, stderr=None)
+test.must_contain_any_line(test.stderr(), "Unrecognized target architecture")
+test.must_contain_any_line(test.stderr(), "Valid architectures")
 # Local Variables:
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