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src highlighting works in lower levels in the tree, too.

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 push all bookmarks too                                       | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:False, id:0661fcb89dfedcd564bdb2d4865d41b58494ac2e, time:1320547191.52
-add sourcecode coloring to the src files.                    | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:09715a67cfabe2de0901f0472610c2285626e0e7, time:1319147685.11
+add sourcecode coloring to the src files.                    | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:False, id:09715a67cfabe2de0901f0472610c2285626e0e7, time:1319147685.11
 offer different and customizeable ways to parse a site, including to just call an external applications. | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:0ed55f757a6352bc3b2674153a3dc8eda91db843, time:1332932026.35
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 if b is used: a bugtracker: issue/<id>/<name>                | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:False, id:1d631d51ff06b3bdca50e21da3d6a00bcb801c85, time:1319147632.52


             # then write it as html
             _filenameescaped = escapename(filectx.path())
+            numberofslashes = len([i for i in _filenameescaped if i == "/"])
             filepath = srcpath(target,ctx,_filenameescaped)
             if not force and os.path.isfile(filepath):
             except OSError: pass # exists
             with open(filepath, "w") as f:
-                f.write(templates["srchead"].replace("{filetitle}", name+": " + filename))
+                f.write(templates["srchead"].replace("{filetitle}", name+": " + filename).replace("href=\"../../", "href=\"../../" + "../"*numberofslashes))
                 f.write(templates["foot"].replace("{reponame}", name))
     # then write manifests for all commits