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merge signed tag 0.2.1 into releases.

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 add sourcecode coloring to the src files.                    | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:09715a67cfabe2de0901f0472610c2285626e0e7, time:1319147685.11
 offer different and customizeable ways to parse a site, including to just call an external applications. | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:0ed55f757a6352bc3b2674153a3dc8eda91db843, time:1332932026.35
 Add a list of branches, heads and tags to the summary page.  | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:False, id:0fde104c4206be8245ff0716ee2e91ea3971db8f, time:1319147651.17
-if b is used: a bugtracker: issue/<id>/<name>                | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:1d631d51ff06b3bdca50e21da3d6a00bcb801c85, time:1319147632.52
+if b is used: a bugtracker: issue/<id>/<name>                | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:False, id:1d631d51ff06b3bdca50e21da3d6a00bcb801c85, time:1319147632.52
 add css classes and ids everywhere, so this can be styled with CSS. | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:2699812cf02c803fa338daf9ae039c43a30a0b5f, time:1322090683.01
 get mtimes from the repo instead of querying the FTP server. We know which files were changed. | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:False, id:29210503551d0eafca67dda8d6fffbd40bf837dc, time:1319213074.57
 FIX: revision 0 is omitted: change that :)                   | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:False, id:29396f1753e45b5a37ffa0ce04d96c876d6b6722, time:1319209563.68
 parse the pushed repo, not the local one.                    | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:2c26d62b62e3656ebcce43e7a24f627594911fb5, time:1322115065.37
 revisions more structured, as list or similar.               | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:39cacfc83da6f6beecafdb745823d7f01018206b, time:1322159357.88
-tags do not have a heading on the overview anymore           | owner:, open:True, id:485d0b451f18b5eae517b34466622b0d52340d8e, time:1351620233.63
+tags do not have a heading on the overview anymore           | owner:, open:False, id:485d0b451f18b5eae517b34466622b0d52340d8e, time:1351620233.63
 only write .statichgrepo print.css style.css and index.html when their data changed \(or \-\-force\) → read them and compare the contents. | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:False, id:4f02149269a60fca85aa040116b2789d98c906f2, time:1319212903.98
-sort tags in reverse order                                   | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:61d256ab154e64597be604d6298daa545d4a96c7, time:1322159250.01
+sort tags in reverse order                                   | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:False, id:61d256ab154e64597be604d6298daa545d4a96c7, time:1322159250.01
 add proper caching of every ftp directory listing.           | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:False, id:750692931106d78ffc38c1ed63013c4dac4099dd, time:1319175393.07
 fork-/clone-info for each entry in [paths] with its incoming data (if it has some): | owner:, open:False, id:8621575e4016752e8987c8b294dfa9166f77eff3, time:1319147671.39
 partial localization of strings - files to Dateien - is worse than none. | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:921fb80eb2a2fbf57e0f6db0a949ead872624f8f, time:1351635128.79
 no longer create raw files, since they can’t be served by all webservers and waste bandwidth and space (they are no longer linked anyway). | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:False, id:d1010e1933648f65af37d969bfb45f8d834fc8bb, time:1319148721.49
 check the hgweb templating for parsing the site.             | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:ef17f01dbe8ee58536fa8b345eb18d1efc639f15, time:1319208643.38
 maybe more advanced bookmarks pushing.                       | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:ef8c12bfcc99686efc1f685a9be0be0c78922ca5, time:1322115049.48
-crashes on missing readme.                                   | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:f4232c8a52fff730a4c63525ad597c063135e576, time:1332936115.69
+crashes on missing readme.                                   | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:False, id:f4232c8a52fff730a4c63525ad597c063135e576, time:1332936115.69
 Treat branch heads specially: link on the main page.         | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:f531c27b38f9ea1749ded312f4f468c9ac33b930, time:1319147696.96
 do not show closed branches                                  | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:fbae7e95ed65dc314770126b614fe40d52e61f89, time:1351633799.8
 allow setting user, password, server and path vie .hg/hgrc.  | owner:Arne Babenhauserheide <>, open:True, id:fc575156316d56b70fda64725984b66cc8a2cfde, time:1322118134.69
 ef5367e461353fdb4cc6d0c76da7f9ebe8d368a6 0 iJwEAAEIAAYFAlCMfTkACgkQ3M8NswvBBUj3kQP9EYg7/POsz1VopA+CbzQfY93JAg6Ige4oRPY9vOoefhC9SwKaDd7NOHZYrYwRd/wojkTVm1IDjXrnK/ihzigIjagcXg0SZdfRDfD1Oy/ZPhvpumKbCkasZUKvripJanYr5GbKdoPDruI7mlVWUPed+iqs44LQCabTmflbHM/8E2k=
 158cb99e123c4f7fc194453c44eff9fb243a3844 0 iJwEAAEIAAYFAlCQUvkACgkQ3M8NswvBBUgNVgQAkKMT90wVtlRBKt8ZxQzHq8IAe0RDlSyyxgEBf+Id+LpqFiaJB3ZQuwWfEBeXE7h6fPd2tcL2wlQc6d6fSxq6VJuDaTA3ru+wzTXEkZziWdbzkIzAoDapWgrqU1gXuC7ccsrxAmT7H1gIpYEUfycB6IQW1KNnUo0rnfLrKW4LSFo=
+3c551786b6b203fec3a9262630a71e9ac9e76b37 0 iJwEAAEIAAYFAlCSSeMACgkQ3M8NswvBBUjEPAP7BAIfJkAycrrGb6IX82v8ftPpEauoEJQ+KB97WOirbBF3loCek7tL94IPDa2iiRy0pKY2SBDSHdu2NxiH1iyfmEKtCIwr51Yqc93FxrMwxxiQwuuF+4+SRZ2DjtGCu+P7OwjLP5pjmoG42wYOaDSx5svBE8Ywen0rRXtPHG58st4=
 1c23d2ac584b436cd55f1c1dea43b70a4d3aa8ec 0.1.3
 3cc1d89231b249db4f3e139c33050c3549756c06 0.1.4
 1226b572fe8531d08ce7c46a67acbd50d03c6fed 0.2
+60a06053d8cdba12a6cfc0753dc5dab36b57590f 0.2.1
-        # FIXME: For some reason this does not seem to give the tags anymore.
-        tags = repo._tags
+        tags = repo.tags()
     except AttributeError: 
-        tags = []
+        try: 
+            # FIXME: For some reason this does not seem to give the tags anymore.
+            tags = repo._tags
+        except AttributeError: 
+            tags = []
         bookmarks = repo._bookmarks
     except AttributeError: