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Added first ideas for a tutorial with embedded Python interpreter.

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+- Now experience is spent incrementally.
 - Added check_skill(name_of_skill).
 textrpg 0.2: 
+#!/usr/bin/env python
+#encoding: utf-8
+from textrpg import story
+# Idee: Den Nutzer die Möglichkeiten gleich testen lassen. 
+from subprocess import call 
+story("""You can directly try the commands you learn in this tutorial 
+using the included python interpreter. 
+It will be opened for you automatically after each section. 
+To leave it, just press control-D (hold the control key and press D)
+Now entering the Python interpreter. 
+First step: Try leaving it with control-D. 
+story("Next step.")
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