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Prepared 4.2 release.

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+textrpg 0.4.2 (2008-07-21)
+- Added a simple_ (originally written for a german python forum)
+- yaml is now distributed with TextRPG. 
+- FIX: Textlines were getting joined if the user pressed enter multiple times
+in a short time.
 textrpg 0.4.1 (2008-07-09)
 - Added a branching story, walking through darker woods. 


     from rpg_lib.anyrpg import __copyright__, __url__, __author__
-__version__   = '0.4.1' 
+__version__   = '0.4.2' 
 # __date__      = '7th March 2007' 
       packages = find_packages('.'), 
-      scripts=["", "", "rpg_lib/", ""]
+      scripts=["", "", "", "rpg_lib/", ""]
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