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Basic function docstrings improved.

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 4aabad3acd21beb5c2477693570472ae2d813f12 v0.4.1
 7e734b4b4f5d91c2185f7c43bbfbc6f35d219624 v0.4.1-r1
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     return story_helper.ask(question, *args, **kwds)
 def diag(text, localize=True, autoscroll=False, *args, **kwds): 
-    """Output some text."""
+    """Output some text.
+    the method used by diag is also used by story() to output text."""
     return story_helper.diag(text, localize=localize, autoscroll=autoscroll, *args, **kwds)
 def story(text=None, *args, **kwds): 
-    """Output story text."""
+    """Output story text line by line. Calls the method behind diag() for each line of text."""
     return story_helper.story(text, *args, **kwds)
 def give_exp(char, amount, *args, **kwds):