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small docstring update for pypi.

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     Start the internal test story of the textrpg. 
-    - put all functions which need diag or ask or similar into a class, 
-      so diag and ask can be overridden by other modules (doesnt work right now). 
     - Simple to use functions in easy to read scriptfiles in the style of the ministory file. 
     - char.compete(other, skill_name) -> See who wins and by how much. 
     - a basic implementation as minimal api reference for anyrpg plugins.
-    - Show the text letter by letter, if that's possible. 
     - Add the basic scripting function "python_interpreter(startup_data)", which shows an interactive python interpreter with the startup data already entered and interpreted. 
     - Lazy loading modules, to be able to print stuff at once without having to print before the imports.
-    - Add getting experience for groups and show the chars together (only one experience header instead of one per char). 
 Basic design principles for the scripting language: