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File rpg_lib/textrpg_1d6/

 import sys
 # EWS standard dice
-from .pmw6 import pmw6, open_check, open_check_with_result, value_and_striche_eigenschaften, value_and_striche_fertigkeiten
+from .pmw6 import pmw6, open_check, open_check_with_result, value_and_striche_eigenschaften, value_and_striche_fertigkeiten, value_to_plusses
 from .pmw6 import check as pmw6_check
 # Name-Generator
             bonus = 0 #: bonus from related attributes. 
             if _("Passende Eigenschaften") in skills[i]: 
                 for j in skills[i][_("Passende Eigenschaften")]: 
-                    bonus += pmw6.value_to_plusses(j[_("Zahlenwert")])
+                    bonus += value_to_plusses(j[_("Zahlenwert")])
                 skills[i][_("Zahlenwert")] = skills[i][_("Grundwert")] + bonus
         return skills
             dice = rnd01() * weights_added_together
             # in some corner cases a float can be converted to an int with the upper boundary of the float, 
             # In this case weights_added_together. We have to avoid that cornercase. 
             # Example of that cornercase: int(0.99999999999999999) == 1
             while int(dice) == weights_added_together: # If those were equal, it would select the item at position len(problist), which is out of range. 
                 dice = rnd01() * weights_added_together