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Added check_skill(name_of_skill).

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 char2 = Char(source=",2008:Nasfar")
 char1 = Char(source=",2008:" + name)
+story("...Press enter to read on...")
 Where the sun doesn't shine, 
 and the stars flicker and wane, 
     if not won: 
         story("You can be sure that you'll get a place in the ranks of the best fighters of this place.")
+#So now it's time to prepare the meal for the evening.""")
+#success = char1.check_skill("cooking")
+#if success: 
+#    char1.say("At least he won't spoil my meal now.")
+#    char1.say("Gah! I shouldn't have tried to cook directly after a battle!")
 save([char1, char2])
             # If the string is empty, just add a blank line without the characters name. 
             else: diag("...", localize=False)
-    def skill_check(skill_name, mods=[], MW=9): 
-        """Test the skill of the char against a target number."""
+    def check_skill(self, skill_name, mods=[], MW=9): 
+        """Test the skill of the char against a target number.
+        Wounds are taken into account as modifiers automatically. """
         if skill_name in self.skills: 
             value = self.skills[skill_name][_("Zahlenwert")]