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Arne Babenhauserheide  committed d760395

Blank lines are now simply blank in textRPG (no longer replaced by '...').

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File lib/textrpg.py

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     def story(self, data=None, *args, **kwds): 
         """Tell a part of the story.
-        Overridden to show "..." instead of blank lines. """
+        Overridden to show "..." instead of blank lines (override commented out). """
         if data is not None: 
             data = _(data)
             for i in data.split("\n"): 
-                if i.rstrip() == "": 
-                    self.diag("...", localize=False)
-                else: 
+                #if i.rstrip() == "": 
+                #    self.diag("...", localize=False)
+                #else: 
                     self.diag(i, localize=False)

File ministory.py

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 # won: If we won
 # Diff: By how much we won or lost (always positive). 
-story("...Press enter to read on...")
+story("...Press enter to read the next line...")
 Where the sun doesn't shine,