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  2. TextRPG


TextRPG / Changelog.txt

textrpg 0.4.1 (2008-07-09)

- Added a branching story, walking through darker woods. 

textrpg 0.4 (2008-07-09)

- FIX: Installed versions didn't find the modules in rpg_lib. 
- Added german tutorial chapter 1 and 2: "telling and testing" and "asking users and distributing stories". 
- Moved the basic modules into the rpg_lib directory. 
- Raise Exception in anyrpg, if some helper function gets used which isn't implemented in the specific module
- Turned all basic functions into wrappers for class methods, so a change of them affects every other basic function. 

textrpg 0.3 (2008-07-07)

- FIX: Answering Yes in battle screen didn't work. 
- Now experience is spent incrementally (one point per step).
- Added char.check_skill(name_of_skill).

textrpg 0.2: 

- FIX: Installation required Changelog.txt which isn't distributed. 

textrpg 0.1: 

- Added give_exp() function for scripts which calls the experience "screen". 
- Renamed ews package to textrpg_1d6 to avoid clashes with possibly installed ews module -> useful while also working on the backend. 
- Fertigkeiten now get increased by related attributes. Which attribute is related must be declared explicitely.
- Added fighting styles: defensive and attack head.
- Show base TP in battle stats.
- A bit more 'you did great' output if at least 9 battles were won and the character lost afterwards.
- The player is prompted to decide on a battle strategy/style each round. 
- The experience can also be increased by simply saying char.exp = new_value. If the new value is lower than the current value, nothing happens, but it gives the return value False.
- exp is now a property, and so it wil always be up to date.
- added ministory scripting example.
- simpler scripting added.
- Prepared localization of most internal strings.
- Text output and documentation update.
- Ask whenever the round is for the player which action to take and many smaller changes (i.e.: tabs to spaces).
- Added interface for different fighting styles and a hit treshold (below which the character evades the attack or the attack hits the shield).
- Nicer Experience 'screen'.
- Nicer battle output and output, when a skill got raised.
- upgrade now returns what it did: (obj before, obj after).
- Begun writing the TextRPG. 

- FIX: Damage for own attacks except the first wasn't printed.
- FIX: empty attributes to attribute dict problems -> turned attributes into a property.
- FIX: persistent game states didn't work due to a version management bug (workdir had not been changed everywhere).
- FIX: corrected dieing.

ews 0.1

- created ews as rpg backend package.