Custom error message Zend Framework

Custom error message Zend Framework is a demo that shows how to mark a field of a Zend_Form, which is a Zend_Form_Element, as invalid showing one or more custom error messages in Zend Framework version 1.12 and below. This demo refers to my article titled "Setting Custom Error Messages for Zend_Form_Element" published on


Being a demo for Zend Framework 1.12 and below, the only requirement is the Zend Framework. To keep this repository as light as possible, the framework has not been included. So, to execute the demo, download one of the cited version of Zend Framework 1 and copy the library folder into the root of this repository, and that is at the same level of the application and public folders.


To run this demo, simply point your browser to the path where you have stored the repository.


Custom error message Zend Framework is dual licensed under MIT and GPL-3.0


Aurelio De Rosa (@AurelioDeRosa)