Where I parked my car

"Where I parked my car" is an application for mobile devices that lets you bookmark where you parked your car, and then find a route to return to it. This application is useful if you don't have a good memory or if you're in a foreign city. In addition, "Where I parked my car" will also save a log of your saved positions (up to 50), so that you can retrieve a location for future use. The list allows you to see the position on a map, and you can also to delete one or more old locations.

This application is written using HTML, CSS and JavaScript with the support of several frameworks like jQuery, jQuery Mobile and Cordova (also known as PhoneGap). Moreover, the application take advantage of some APIs like the Geolocation API, the Google Maps API and the Web Storage API.


"Where I parked my car" has been developed with the assumption that the compilation will be done using Adobe PhoneGap Build, but with few adjustments you'll be able to compile with every platform specific environment.


Being a Cordova based application, it can run on all the platform supported by the framework. To have a complete list of the operating systems supported, take a look at official documentation page.


"Where I parked my car" is released under the CC BY 3.0 ("Creative Commons Attribution 3.0") license.


Aurelio De Rosa (Twitter: @AurelioDeRosa)