Ah Magento Debug

This module provides some debigging tools to help with my development. Created a module so I can easily drop it into new projects. At the moment it just provides a controller to allow me to run various pieces of code easily with the Magento application.

The route is available at /debug. Just drop in some code to the provided and controller and run!


This module is installable via Composer. If you have used the Magento Skeleton as a base module then you can just require this project and all the rest is done for you.

$ cd project-root
$ ./composer.phar require "aydinhassan/ah_magento_debug"

Note: As these repositories are currently private and not available via a public package list like Packagist Or Firegento you need to add the repository to the projects composer.json before you require the project.

"repositories": [
        "type": "vcs",
        "url": ""

If you have not used the Magento Skeleton Application as a base you will need to install Composer and depending on whether it is a Magento project or standard PHP project some different steps are required. I'm going to omit these details as this is a Magento extension and you should probably be using the JH Magento Skeleton Application

Generating Docs

Move to the cloned repository location, usually in the vendor directory of your Magento project. Install composer dependencies and then run phpDocumentor2.

$ cd vendor/aydinhassan/ah_magento_debug
$ php composer.phar install --dev
$ vendor/bin/phpdoc.php -d src -t docs

The docs will be available in the ./docs directory!

Running tests

Coming soon...