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It is static blog generator. Like pelican or liquidluck. But I moved from my WP blog and need more back compatibility, so i wrote this. Very simple and minimalist. With tune inove template, thanks mg12.


WP blog is so slow, so complex and need too much attention. I think a lot what to do, where to move. And once I decided to write simple static engine for myself.


  • python3
  • jinja2
  • markdown
  • pygments
  • pyyaml
  • baker
  • pytz
  • requests


  • Posts in markdown
  • Categories
  • Tags cloud
  • Url from post meta data
  • Copy relative resources that mentioned in post
  • Rss feed for post
  • No comments
  • Nice js snow :-)
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • Simple spell checker


Open source, BSD license.

Recent activity


b7w pushed 5 commits to b7w/

e953265 - Fix spell error
ab69cb5 - Add simple spell checker, via
f05281b - Add draft "Capture One 7 Express - заметки"
0b80aa4 - Fix feature when post meta written without "# "
2113885 - Windows have magic problems with os.symlink, so I try to fix if with catch errors and copy files

b7w pushed 2 commits to b7w/

0ed4a14 - Remove conf add sample
cfe2f00 - Add ExtraFilesWriter to support adding files with raw content from EXTRA_FILES conf
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