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What is BAGASMI?

BassAceGold's psuedo-ASM Interpreter, BAGASMI(formerly known as just BAGASM), is a portable opensource scripting language with a syntax similar to that of a generic Assembly language. This low level like script is compiled directly to its own byte code by the interpreter, resulting in extremely fast execution on low power devices.

The current supported platforms in order of most supported features to less (as of build R7):

PlatformCorePixel BackgroundsKey InputSpritesFAT
Supercard DS2YesYesYesYesYes
Nintendo DSYesYesYesNoYes
Gameboy Advance++YesYesYesNoNo
  • +- Platforms that run the interpreter as a simulated DS2 environment.
  • ++- These platforms are no longer maintained.

Core features include:

  • Variable and Array Support
  • Math operations
  • Jump operations
  • Console Output

BAGASMI Tutorial

These sections cover content that is available on all BAGASMI supported platforms.

0. BAGASMI Virtual Hardware Specifications

1. Basic Program Structure

2. Data types, Variables, Arrays

3. Math Operations

4. Branching, Looping

5. Basic Input, Output

6. Basic Graphical Output

These sections may not be compatable with all BAGASMI supported platforms:

7. Sprites

8. FAT

9. INI Files

*. BAGOS Integration