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Updated change log and version in preparation for new 0.9.3 bugfix release.

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 Title: Change Log
+* Preliminary support for axis labels.  Currently rendered into DIV tags,
+  so no ratated label support.  This feature is currently expreimental.
+* Fixed bug #52, needed space in tick div tag between style and class declarations 
+  or plot failed in certain application doctypes.
+* Fixed issue #54, miter style line join for chart lines causing spikes at steep 
+  changes in slope.  Changed miter style to round.
+* Added examples for new autoscaling algorithm.
+* Fixed bug #57, category axis labels disappear on redraw()
+* Improved algorithm which controlled maximum number of labels that would display
+  on a category axis.
+* Fixed bug #45 where null values causing errors in plotData and gridData.
+* Fixed issue #60 where seriesColors option was not working.
 * Fixed bug #45 where a plot could crash if series had different numbers of points.

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