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jqPlot change log


* Fixed bug #5, trend line plugin failing when no trend line options specified.
* moved css positioning spec for axis tick into tick dom element.


* Fixed bug #4, series of unequal data length not rendering correctly.
This is a bugfix release only.


* Fixed bug (issue #1 in tracker) where flat line data series (all x and/or y values are euqal)
or single value data series would crash.


* Support for stacked line (a.k.a. area) and stacked bar (horizontal and vertical) charts.
* Refactored barRenderer to use default shape and shadow renderers.
* Added info (contacts & support information) page to web site.


* This is a minor upgrade to docs and build only.  No functionality has changed.
* Ant build script generates entire site, examples, tests and distribution.
* Improvements to documentation.


* New sprintf implementation from Ash Searle that implements %g.
* Fix to sprintf e/f formats.
* Created new format specifier, %p and %P to preserve significance.
* Modified p/P format to better display larger numbers.
* Fixed and simplified significant digits calculation for sprintf.
* Added option to have cursor tooltip follow the mouse or not.
* Added options to change size of highlight.
* Updates to handle dates like '6-May-09'.
* Mods to improve look of web site.
* Updates to documentation.
* Added license and copyright statement to source files.


* Added rotated text support.  Uses native canvas text functionality in
browsers that support it or draws text on canvas with Hershey font
* metrics for non-supporting browsers.
* Removed lots of lint in js code.
* Moved tick css from js code into css file.
* Fix to tick positioning css.  y axis ticks were positioned to wrong side of axis div.
* Refactored axis tick renderer instantiation into the axes renderers themselves.

For chnages prior to 0.6.0 release, please see change log at http://bitbucket.org/cleonello/jqplot/changesets/