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Ghost Trap

Ghost Trap is a classic 3-in-a-row puzzle game (like Zookeeper / Bejuweled) written in the Scala programming language on top of the JVM.

Main Menu

Main Menu

Game in action

Game in action

Running the game

If you just want to run the game, download the zip file in the download section. Ghost Trap comes with all libraries it needs (scala-library/slick/lwjgl) in the source. If you don't want to compile it yourself, you need to also download the ´´ file and extract it contents into a lib sub-directory in the Ghost Trap directory.

Install the Scala compiler

In order to build the game, you need the Scala compiler (scalac).

Either download Scala from its website, or use your package manager to get it.

Ghost Trap works fine with Scala (and probably newer versions).

Get the source!

Get the Ghost Trap source by cloning the Ghost Trap repository

$ hg clone

Build the game

There's a build script included with the source. Ensure it's executable and run it

$ chmod +x && ./

Note: The build script is for Linux/Unix-like machines. To compile Ghost Trap on windows, you have to port the build script yourself (shouldn't be that hard at all).

Run the game

The build script creates a directory compiled.

There you'll find to scripts: and run.bat.

On Windows, run run.bat.

On Linux, run