Dominic Kexel avatar Dominic Kexel committed 16131a5

fixed line breaks

`<br>` => `<br />`

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   ([tag attributes bodyf]
     (str \< tag (build-attr-str attributes) \> (bodyf) "</" tag \>))
   ([tag attributes]
-    (str \< tag (build-attr-str attributes) " />")))
+    (str \< tag (build-attr-str attributes) " />"))
+  ([tag]
+    (str \< tag " />")))
 (defn html-encode [text]
   (to-string (map #(str "&#x" (.toUpperCase (Integer/toHexString (int %))) \;) text)))
   (output-element "img" {"src" url "alt" inner}))
 (defmethod format-span :mdclj.spans/hard-break [span]
-  "<br>")
+  (output-element "br"))
 (defmethod format-span :mdclj.spans/inlinecode [{code :content}]
   (str "<code>" code "</code>"))
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