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This game is a (unfinished) roguelike written in python.

It features multiple hit zones, a challenging AI, and autonomous henchman.

Select your race / class (only Human Figther works at the moment)

Select character

Encountering an orc

Encounterting an orc

The battle is won

The battle is won

Running the game

In order to run python-dungeon-crawler, you have to follow the following steps

Install Python

In order to build the game, you need Python 2.7

Either download Python from its website, or use your package manager to get it.

Regnancy works fine with Python 2.7 (it won't run on Python 3).

Install Pygame

Visit or use your package manager to get it.

Get the source!

Get the python-dungeon-crawler source by cloning the python-dungeon-crawler repository

$ hg clone

Run the game

You'll find a file named Running this file starts python-dungeon-crawler.

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