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Fix Witch-Smugglers Bug

The card Says:
Gain a copy of a card costing up to 6 that the player to your right gained on his last turn.

Cards gained outside the players turns should not count towards the smugglers' possible cards.

Ex. Player A gains nothing on his turn.
Player B has 2 actions and plays Witch and Smugglers.

The player B shouldn't gain a copy of the curse sent to player A because this card wasn't gained on Player A's turn.

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         card.gain_step(self, player)
-        (self.last_gained_cards)[player].append(card)
+        if player == self.active_player:
+            (self.last_gained_cards)[player].append(card)
         self.raise_trigger(T_GAIN, card, player)
         return card