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boundmode extension - allows a repository to auto-push when you commit

Using this extension you will have two modes of operation:
1. unbound mode - repository behaves normally
   (commit is local; push must be done manually)
2. bound mode - commit automatically attempts push

You enter bound mode with the command 'hg bind' and can exit with 'hg unbind'.

This is a proof of concept extension. You can optionally configure repositories
to be in bound mode automatically when cloning by adding a file called
.hgboundrc to the root of your repository. This file must be an an ini file
and can contain:
auto-push = <auto-push path>
bound = <False | True>

to provide defaults for boundmode.

list of commands:

 bind     enters bound mode
 unbind   exits bound mode

enabled extensions:

 boundmode   allows a repository to auto-push when you commit

use "hg -v help boundmode" to show aliases and global options