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 # This software may be used and distributed according to the terms
 # of the GNU General Public License, incorporated herein by reference.
-'''patch management and development
+"""management of uncommited changes using a set of named patches
-This extension lets you work with a set of disjoint patches in a
-Mercurial repository. With it you can task switch between many patches
-in a single repository and easily share patch sets between
+This extension lets you create patches from uncommited changes using the its
+'shelve' command. Shelved changes are unapplied from the working copy and
+stored as patches in the .hg/attic directory.
-Known patches are represented as patch files in the .hg/attic
-directory.  Applied patches are changes in the working copy
+They can be later restored using the 'unshelve' command, which merges the
+changes back into the working copy.
+This allows task switching between many patches in a single repository, which
+can be disjointly applied or unapplied.
+As applied patches are just changes in the working copy they're not part of
+the project history but can, of course, be commited if desired.
+Having all known patches in the .hg/attic directory allows to easily share
+patch sets between repositories and even control version them.
 Common tasks (use 'hg help command' for more details):
 attic-shelve (shelve):
     store the current working copy changes in a patch in the attic and
-    prepare to work on something else
+    prepare to work on something else unapplying those changes
 attic-display (attic, ls):
     list the patches in the attic
 attic-unshelve (unshelve):
-    activate a patch to work on
+    activate a patch to work on and merge its changes into the working copy
 from mercurial.i18n import _
 from mercurial.node import bin, hex, short