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hgattic and mercurial 1.9 don't work

Anonymous created an issue

I am a big fan of hgattic. I have recently upgraded hg to 1.9, and hgattic is the cause of mercurial crashes. It turns out, version 1.9 apparently introduced a new module, mercurial.scmutils, and moved util.opener there. I attach a patch that I tested against versions 1.8.4 and 1.9 and which seems to work.

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  1. Anonymous

    it seems that this is needed too for some unshelves at least:

    @@ -170,7 +170,7 @@
                     adopts['reverse'] = True
                 return orig(*adargs, **adopts)
    -        epo = extensions.wrapfunction(patch, 'externalpatch', epwrapper)
    +        epo = extensions.wrapfunction(patch, '_externalpatch', epwrapper)
             ado = extensions.wrapfunction(patch, 'applydiff', adwrapper)
             files, success = {}, True
  2. Anonymous

    Any idea when hgattic might be updated for Mercurial 1.9.x? It would be great to have hgattic functionality back -- we miss it!

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