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hgattic / readme.text

Thanks for grabbing the hgattic extension. I hope you find it useful.

To enable this extension add the following to your hgrc:

hgattic = /path/to/hgattic/repo/attic.py

If you need any help, feel free to contact me via email: after.fallout@gmail.com (english please :-), my french and german aren't very good yet). I live in Montana, USA (GMT -7) and most days I frequently check my email between 7am and 10pm.

Patches/contributions are welcome, preferably (in no order): 1. create a fork/queue on bitbucket 2. email patch (attachments please, Thunderbird and Gmail both mess with whitespace) 3. just ask for write access to the repository on bitbucket

If you choose to email a patch, you can add the following to your hgrc for patchbomb: [defaults] email = -a

from = your name <your@email>
to = after.fallout@gmail.com

Known issues

  1. from a subdirectory in the repository you can shelve, but unshelving causes errors (needs testcase)

Potential future work

  • fix bugs
  • regex/glob option to attic-display to filter out files from the list
  • create commands to do basic work with the attic repo (commit, push, pull, addrem, init, ...)
  • override import to provide default path for patches from attic (so you don't have to unshelve before finishing them or manually provide the path to import)
  • if mq is in use:
  • override qnew to move an attic patch into mq
  • provide a new command to pull patches out of mq and into attic (perhaps just "hg shelve -q")
  • possibly allow shelving/unshelving entire queue series into folders in attic:

    "hg shelve -q foldername --all" would: 1. pop all patches in mq 2. create folder "foldername" in attic 3. move all patches and the series file into this folder

    "hg shelve -q foldername --applied" 1. split series into two parts: applied and unapplied 2. pop all patches in mq 3. create folder "foldername" in attic 4. move all patches in applied list into the attic and remove them from series

    "hg shelve -q foldername --unapplied" (same thing with unapplied patches)

    "hg unshelve -q foldername" 1. "hg shelve -q defaultfolder --all" 2. move contents of foldername into the patches dir * provide new commands for dealing with patches like import/export (don't know if this is really necessary)