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Pete Fraser
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I have an issue with the RKill application and it seems to be in an infinite loop. I have run malwarebytes as well as removed all instances of rkill from the hard drive as well as the registry. The program continues to launch and it crashes with a microsoft send/dont send error. PEV.exe has encounterd a problem and needs to close. As far as I can tell the computer is clean of viruses now but this file continues to launch itself. I have rebooted the machine and it seems that it doesnt launch until an hour or so while using the computer. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Windows XP SP3 is on the system.. Thanks in advance,Pete

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  1. Billy O'Neal repo owner

    If you are having an issue with RKill, then you need to talk to Grinler, the author of RKill. pevFind is a component of RKill, yes, but what RKill does is far outside my control. If there does in fact end up being a pevFind bug in question, then Grinler can talk to me and/or file a bug against pevFind itself.

  2. Pete Fraser reporter

    (Reply via Pete...@genivar.com):

    Do you know how I can get in touch with grinler.

    And thanks for getting back to me so fast I appreciate it

    Thanks Pete

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