Bit2AWS Script - README


The Bit2AWS backup script (Bash) can clone and mirror all Bitbucket repositories of a specified user to a local computer or a host and creates a TAR file of each repository. Then it uploads all packed repositories to an Amazon S3 bucket.


Bit2AWS Screen 1

Bit2AWS Screen 2


  • Install and configure GIT on the host which should run the Bit2AWS script.
  • Connect the GIT installation to the Bitbucket repositories (SSH).
  • Install and configure the s3cmd command line tool.
  • Check that the necessary software is installed: awk, curl, date, git, jq, python-magic, s3cmd, sendmail.
  • Copy the backup script to your computer.
  • Make the backup script executable: chmod +x
  • Start the backup script from the command prompt: ./
  • Follow the indications on the screen to check for errors.


This is a free tool and support is not included and guaranteed. Nevertheless I will try to answer all your questions if possible. So write to my email address biegel[at] if you have a question :-)


The Bit2AWS backup script is licensed under the MIT License (Expat) which is published on the official site of the Open Source Initiative.