CurlCheck - README


The CurlCheck script can request data from an URL and displays some connection information and the received data as source and in a rendered form. The script has a simple input form and changes the protocol of the script (http/https) automatically depending on the entered URL.


CurlCheck - Output 1

CurlCheck - Output 2

CurlCheck - Output 3


  • Upload the script curlcheck.php to your webhost.
  • Customize the configuration section at the beginning of the file (optional).
  • Access the script curlcheck.php from a webbrowser.
  • Enter an URL to check and press the button Check.
  • If the connection was successful, the information will be displayed.


This is a free script and support is not included and guaranteed. Nevertheless I will try to answer all your questions if possible. So write to my email address biegel[at] if you have a question :-)


The CurlCheck script is licensed under the MIT License (Expat) which is published on the official site of the Open Source Initiative.