PBsales - README


The PBsales tool can contact the Envato/Codecanyon API and check periodically (cronjob) if an item from your Codecanyon portfolio was sold and then sends you an e-mail with information about the transaction.


PBsales E-Mail Alert

PBsales HTML Output


  • Upload the PBsales tool directory (pbsales) to your webhost.
  • Make sure that the script can write to his own directory.
  • Edit the configuration file config/config.php and enter the API token and e-mail addresses etc.
  • Add a cronjob which periodically runs the script pbsales.php.
  • If you run the script in the webbrowser the parameter output=1 displays infos.
  • If you run the script in the webbrowser the parameter email=1 sends a test e-mail.


This is a free script and support is not included and guaranteed. Nevertheless I will try to answer all your questions if possible. So write to my email address biegel[at] if you have a question :-)


The PBsales tool is licensed under the MIT License (Expat) which is published on the official site of the Open Source Initiative.