Rockup Script - README


The Rockup script (Batch) will mirror all the data from the specified source directory to the specified destination directory using the Robocopy tool from Microsoft. Please download the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools which contain the Robocopy Executable (Version XP010) from the following website:

Download: Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools


Rockup - Drive Info

Rockup - Check Drives

Rockup - Backup

Rockup - Finished


  • Copy the directory rockup to your computer.
  • Download the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools.
  • Copy the Robocopy Executable to the directory rockup.
  • Edit the configuration section of the Rockup.bat script to specify the source and destination folder.
  • Save the Rockup script.
  • Connect the backup drives (internal or external harddisks, flashdrives, etc...) to your PC.
  • Doubleclick the script file Rockup.bat to start the backup.
  • WARNING: Please check that the source and destination directories are specified correctly before starting the backup !!!!


This is a free tool and support is not included and guaranteed. Nevertheless I will try to answer all your questions if possible. So write to my email address biegel[at] if you have a question :-)


The Rockup script is licensed under the MIT License (Expat) which is published on the official site of the Open Source Initiative.