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# Django-Spotnet

This is a Django app to handle spotnet posts. It can fetch posts from your NNTP server, and push NZBs to your download server (eg: Sabnzbd+ or NZBGet).

## Installation

Install with

$ pip install django-spotnet

You'll probably also want to install pytz and pycrypto to get the correct timezones and verification of post signatures.

$ pip install pytz pycrypto

Then update setting file:


INSTALLED_APPS += ('spotnet',)


with that last setting being the address to a NNTP server, it's the only required setting. And set up the urls to the included views

(r'^spotnet/', include('spotnet.urls')),

When you're ready, sync and update your database.

$ python syncdb $ python update_spotnet

You're good to go!

## Documentation

Read the docs at

## Development

The main development version is hosted at bitbucket (, but there's a maintained copy over at github ( CI server is running at Travis CI (!/AJHMvR/django-spotnet), it's current status is

## License

See LICENSE file.