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Fix tests after moving from hfsevents to fsnotify

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 spy :: Spy -> IO String
 spy config = withManager $ \wm ->
   watchTree wm (decodeString $ dir config)
-              (not . skipEvent config)
+              (not . skipEvent config . eventPath)
               (handleEvent config) >>
 -- | Skip events based on the configuration given
-skipEvent :: Spy -> Event -> Bool
-skipEvent config event = skipHidden || skipNonMatchingGlob
+skipEvent :: Spy -> FilePath -> Bool
+skipEvent config path = skipHidden || skipNonMatchingGlob
     where skipHidden            = let includeHiddenfiles = hidden config
                                   in not includeHiddenfiles && containsHiddenPathElement path
           skipNonMatchingGlob   = maybe False (not . matchesFile path) $ glob config
-          path                  = eventPath event
 eventTime :: Event -> UTCTime
 eventTime (Added _ t) = t
 import qualified Test.HUnit as H
 import Data.Maybe
-import System.OSX.FSEvents
 import Spy.Watcher
 import Test.QuickCheck hiding ((.&.))
 import Test.Framework (Test, defaultMain, testGroup)
 test_skipEventHidden = H.assertBool
   "Skip path if hidden directory and showing hidden files is not enabled"
-  (skipEvent (mockWatch {hidden = False}) (mockEvent "/a/b/.git/refs"))
+  (skipEvent (mockWatch {hidden = False}) "/a/b/.git/refs")
 test_containsHiddenPathElement = H.assertBool
   "Should identify hidden directory"
 mockWatch :: Spy
 mockWatch = Watch { dir = ".", glob = Nothing, format = Nothing, hidden = False }
-mockEvent :: FilePath -> Event
-mockEvent path = Event path 0x00000001 0x00000001
+-- ===========================================================
 -- Test harness
 main :: IO ()
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