Braden Obrzut avatar Braden Obrzut committed dcaa20c

- Fixed: While reading files from stdin ReadFileWithSize forgot to set the size.

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 	// If the file is "-" read from stdin
 	if(strcmp(filename, "-") == 0)
-		stringstream tmp(stringstream::out);
+		stringstream tmp(stringstream::out|stringstream::binary);
 		char buffer[1024];
 		streamsize inSize = 0;
 			tmp.write(buffer, strlen(buffer));
-		char* inBuffer = new char[tmp.str().length()+1];
+		size = tmp.tellp();
+		char* inBuffer = new char[size+1];
 		strcpy(inBuffer, tmp.str().c_str());
-		inBuffer[tmp.str().length()] = 0;
+		inBuffer[size] = 0;
 		return inBuffer;
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