SOD - Enemies don't get hit through open doors

Issue #231 resolved
Filipe Tolhuizen
created an issue

When I shoot enemies through most opened doors, they don't get hit at all. Haven't tested it with other Wolf3D games. I'm using the latest 32-bit build from Feb 13 (170213-0145).

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  1. Dan_Korell

    I've been getting this same issue, too, on the 64-bit nightly build, dated 13/02/2017. Wasn't sure if it was vanilla behaviour, though, and it doesn't always seem to an issue, in fact more often than not it works fine, but every now and then I come across a door that when opened I cannot shoot through into the room beyond.

  2. Filipe Tolhuizen reporter

    Yes, fully opened door. Like Dan_Korell said, happens most of the times, not always. I have to get fully across the opened door tile to hit the enemies, even if I just stand there they still don't get hit.

  3. Braden Obrzut repo owner

    Interesting. When this occurs can you make a save game and see the effect preserved through the save state? If so please upload a save which might make it easier to inspect.

  4. Dan_Korell

    Yes, it does appear to be preserved on saving. I managed to get a save of it happening on the SOD Mission 2 Return to Danger pack, map 03 where there are a lot of doors at the start. I have the save in a state where a number of enemies are alerted and coming towards me through an open door. Shooting at them constantly, they don't take damage until they cross through the open doorway, even though I can see them clearly.

    On the note of saves, I do have a question. Why do the saves care about the location of the data files? ZDoom doesn't, as long as it can find the file the save will still work, but ECWolf, if you move the data files into a different folder and change the config file to point to this folder, the saves become highlighted and won't load (as if they are flagging up as in incompatible version), so the save file is recording the full path of the data files and not just the filenames.

    Currently I have BaseDataPaths = ".;$PROGDIR;"; and the data files are alongside the ECWolf executable, but i wanted to put the data files into their own folder with ECWolf Stable and ECWolf Dev in their own folders in parallel, then using the BaseDataPaths to specify the data folder so that either ECWolf could find the data files without me having two copies of them, one for each ECWolf. Whilst this worked, it meant my existing saves could not be loaded and I'd have to start new games (so I gave up on that and do have two copies of the data files).

  5. Braden Obrzut repo owner

    ZDoom does some work to normalize file paths cross platform and I didn't notice it. The result is I think only on Windows it doesn't know to truncate the paths and they end up in the saves. So it's a bug, but not one that has bothered me enough. I did add a --foreignsaves option to disable all checking on saves. This is a first step in fixing the problem as fixing it could potentially break a lot of saves in the process, so I need that escape hatch anyway.

  6. Dan_Korell

    Yep, it seems to working fine now. That save I provided now no longer has the enemies avoiding damage until they walk through the doorway, and the rest of that level played fine. :)

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