Wolf3D E2M9 - Deathcam Plays on boss death but game does not end as it should

Issue #232 closed
Anonymous created an issue

I'm using the 64-bit version of ECWolf v1.3. on Windows 8.1. Unfortunately I ran into this problem. After I kill Dr. Schabbs on E2M9 in Wolfenstein 3D, the deathcam plays (with a bit of a delay) but then the level doesn't not end with the victory screen as it should. In vanilla Wolf3D, your game ends when the boss dies and then the victory screen appears. It didn't happen when I did it in ECWolf. Nothing happens, leaving me stuck in the level with no way out and rendering Episode 2 unbeatable. This may also apply for the later bosses in the game who use the deathcam like that, but for now it's just Episode 2's boss.

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