patchutil.exe should be renamed

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Olga Orlova-Alley
created an issue

The little patching tool available from ECWolf's download page has the following phrase in the description: "On Windows Vista/7+ this will likely ask for administrative permissions. I don't know why this is...".

The reason for this behaviour is that Windows detects certain keywords in names of "old" executables (i.e. those not containing information about whether or not they require administrative rights) to decide whether they should be ran as admin or not. These keywords include "install", "setup", "patch", and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head. In other words, to stop Windows from trying to run this utility with admin priveleges (which is wholly unnecessary) all one needs to do is rename it to something else.

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  1. Braden Obrzut repo owner

    I could have sworn I actually removed the bspatch code and had the administrative privs icon go away, but I might have just assumed that since bspatch had it it was the cause. In any case thanks! Definitely would never have figured out.

    Working on a new version of the patch utility and I'll come up with a new name for it then. In the mean time I've updated the website to point here.

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