Universal Strife Dialog Compiler Readme
Last updated for version 1.6

This program compiles scripts in a format agreed upon by multiple parties known
as Universal Strife Dialog Format.  Some USDF parameters are not supported due 
to format limitations, but if provided they will be safely ignored by the 
compiler (with just a warning printed).  Below is the outline from the USDF 2.2
spec adjusted for this program.

conversation // Starts a dialog.
    actor = <integer>; // mobj for this conversation's actor.  If previously 
                       // used, this will override the previous conversation.

    page // Starts a new page.  Pages are automatically numbered starting at 1.
        name   = <string>;  // Name that goes in the upper left hand corner
        panel  = <string>;  // Name of lump to render as the background.
        voice  = <string>;  // Narration sound lump.
        dialog = <rstring>; // Dialog of the page.
        drop   = <integer>; // mobj for the object to drop if the actor is 
                            // killed.
        link   = <integer>; // Page to jump to if all ifitem conditions are
                            // satisified.

        voicenumber = <integer>; // Voice number for old format dialogs.

        // jumps to the specified page if the player has the specified amount 
        // or more of item in their inventory.  This can be repeated as many
        // times as the author wants, all conditions must be met for the
        // jump to occur.
            item   = <integer>; // mobj of item to check.
            amount = <integer>; // amount required to be in inventory.

        // Choices shall be automatically numbered.  (Up to 5)
            text            = <string>;  // Name of the choice.

            // The amount of an item needed to successfully pick this option.
            // This can be repeated, but only the first will be shown (provided 
            // diaplaycost is true).  All costs must be satisfied for success.
                item   = <integer>; // Item that is required for this option.
                amount = <integer>; // Minimum amount of the item needed.

            displaycost     = <bool>;    // Weather the cost should be
                                         // displayed with the option.
                                         // Default: false
            yesmessage      = <string>;  // Text to add to console when choice
                                         // is accepted.
            nomessage       = <string>;  // Text to add to console when choice
                                         // is denied.

            log             = <string>;  // LOG entry to use on success.
                                         // For the purposes of this program
                                         // you must use "LOGXXXXX".
            giveitem        = <integer>; // Gives the specified item upon
                                         // success.

            nextpage        = <integer>; // Sets the next page.
            closedialog     = <bool>;    // Should the dialog be closed upon
                                         // selecting this choice?
                                         // Default: false

This compiler supports compiling to the old teaser dialog format, however the 
use of this format is not recommended and is more limited.  A voicenumber 
property is provided for this format, but should not be used otherwise.

In addition to be warning free (and thus USDF compliant) you must start your 
script with the following:

namespace = "Strife";
include = "SCRIPT00";

If you are building a new SCRIPT00 it's best you leave out the include line and
ingnore the warning, however it doesn't actually affect the compiler (besides 
removing the warning).

- Blzut3

USDF Specs can be found at: http://maniacsvault.net/usdf/