Hey kiddo, thanks for taking the time to read the readme, i never did when i was your age.

Either way, you may be wondering what this application is, and how it works... Good. This is the place to start.

This application (obj2smd) is a fantastical fix to the question that has pissed off so many. How do i convert my model from my modeling application (maya, 3dsmax, ZBrush, XSI, ETC) into HL2? well im not going to tell you that its the simplest of processes, but i will assure you that it is a hell of a lot simpler.

Note: You cannot move over animations as of yet. This is purely for static models.

This in mind you have many options. This is an application that can be run from the command line, drag n drop or you could get crazy and use a batch file to automate the process. I am even putting the moves into making this thing work by dropping directories on to it. How the fuck can you go wrong?



This app converts .obj files into .smd format, retaining the Vertices, normals and Texture data, allowing you to quicker convert your static props over to the smd (SOURCE) format.

HOLY HELL! What the hell do i need to do to get it rolling?

You need to have the application... Check the downloads page
You need to have a static obj that you want converted over to smd

Command Prompt

  1. Copy the application to a directory like c:\ for a simple solution to all you windows users, or if you want to be especially slick drop the application into your windows directory, so you able to call it at will.

  2. Navigate to the directory of the application (or if you dropped it into your windows directory, to the directory of the obj file.)

  3. type in obj2smd <your obj file name>.obj

you will see the *.smd file created, properly formatted to allow you to import the file into hl2 or anything else that likes SMD's. You may need to take it to the next step by adding a .qc file, but I don't think so.

Take a look at the results when you get some time. I did pull out the triangulator. If you dont know how to do that at this point in your modeling career you should probably rethink that job at KFC.

Other than that... ill complain another time.

Drag & Drop

  • Copy the application to a directory like C:\ or your desktop, create a shortcut etc. Basically make this app as easy to access as possible. I actually have a shortcut to it on my 4th monitor.

  • Just drag it down to it and plop.


  • You cannot move over animations as of yet. This is purely for static models.

  • I do not recommend you use a 3dsmax obj. 3dsmax does not output the normals properly. In fact, it downright fucks them up. 3dsmax uses smoothgroups, which are all extracted/saved in the Y axis, and it dis regards the X and Z information, so the normal is totally fucked.