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#136 Fix dockerignore so backups are copied.
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#136 Fix gitignore (remove backups from list).
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#103 Add code of conduct, update readme.
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#103 Add code of conduct, update readme.
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#96 Add LICENCE* files.
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#96 Add LICENCE* files.
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#103 Add code of conduct, update readme.
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#136 Update codeship service file.
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#106 Move test scripts to docker dir -- too specific to stay in resources.
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#119 Add volumes to docker images.
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#146 Fix https access issue with pandoc in bugzilla rmd files.
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Adding encrypted credentials for docker push

Welcome to the Alambic project

Alambic is an open-source platform and service for the management and visualisation of software engineering data.

Codefresh build status

See for more information about the project and guidelines to contribute.