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Welcome to the Alambic project

Alambic is an open-source platform and service for the management and visualisation of software engineering data. It is licenced under the Eclise Public Licence v1.0.

It basically retrieves metrics from many various repositories (code metrics, scm, its, mailing lists, stack overflow questions, etc.) and makes them available for custom plugins to produce analysis, numbers, graphics, and data sets.

A flexible plugin system allows to easily add new data sources (e.g. git or svn logs, bugzilla queries), analysis tools (including R scripts), visualisation and reporting (e.g. knitr or plotly graphs). Examples of plugins ready to use include PMD Results Analysis, StackOverflow questions and PMI Checks for Eclipse projects.

Measures are also aggregated in a tree-like quality model structure to better organise and understand the information. The quality model can be entirely customised, and almost any type of data source can be added through plugins.

Alambic is notably used by (and is actually derived from) the PolarSys dashboard.

The project is hosted at BitBucket: https://bitbucket.org/BorisBaldassari/alambic

The Castalia Camp web site provides more information, examples, and links to existing instances of Alambic for known forges.

Alambic main features

  • Retrieves data from any source, aggregates and displays them in a custom dashboard.
  • Alambic is entirely Web-based, althought it is very easy to understand how files are organised.
  • Plugins can be used to add new automatic data sources, custom data sources and visualisation units.
  • Custom Data plugins allow to enter manual data (e.g. surveys) and compute custom metrics from them.

More information

The analysis process is self-documented; most of the information available is directly integrated into this very web site. You should check the documentation page first. The next place to go is the project's wiki, which contains more in-depth documentation about the install process, plugins, administration, or how to reuse pictures on external web sites.

Since Alambic is a fork of the PolarSys dashboard, there is a lot of information (mostly historical by now, but still relevant) available on the PolarSys wiki, since the project started there. From the beginning the PolarSys dashboard has been driven by the PolarSys members: the definition of the quality model, attributes, metrics has been discussed on the public mailing list, and the full retrieval and analysis process has received a common agreement on the mailing list. The project and/or its features have also been presented a few times:


Like many projects, Alambic has a huge debt of gratitude to all the software that made it possible. Among them: