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Renamer is a fast and light utility to rename your files on all file systems. It allows you to do a lot of renaming tasks without requiering any specific knowledge. Everything is done from the command-line and you can use it from a script-shell or another program.

Renamer can:

  • lowercase a list of filenames
  • uppercase a list of filenames
  • delete white-spaces of filenames
  • replace underscores by spaces in filenames
  • capitalize filenames
  • rename files using a specified basename followed by an incremental number
  • rename files from their actual extension to a specified one
  • do recursive actions
  • and more (Renamer is always evolving) ...
  • is developed from scratch (not based on any other code)
  • multi-platform (GNU/Linux, *BSD, Windows & other)
  • 100% GPL & free



$ sudo gem install Renamer


$ renamer -h

for an up to date list of options.

Usage: renamer [options] FILENAMES
Specific options:
    -d, --downcase                   Downcase FILENAMES
    -u, --upcase                     Upcase FILENAMES
    -c, --capitalize                 Capitalize FILENAMES
    -w, --word                       Capitalize each words in FILENAMES
        --downcase_ext               Downcase FILENAMES extensions
        --upcase_ext                 Upcase FILENAMES extensions
    -s, --space                      Replace spaces by underscores in FILENAMES
    -U, --underscore                 Replace underscores by spaces in FILENAMES
        --date                       Add current date to the beginning of FILENAMES
        --datetime                   Add current datetime to the beginning of FILENAMES
    -b, --basename BASENAME          Rename FILENAMES using the specified
                                     BASENAME followed by an incremental number
    -e, --ext NEW                    Rename FILENAMES from their actual extension
                                     to the NEW one
    -f, --trim-first n               Rename FILENAMES by trimming first n characters
    -l, --trim-last n                Rename FILENAMES by trimming last n characters
    -r, --recursive                  Run Renamer recursively across directories
    -o, --overwrite                  Overwrite existing files if needed
Common options:
    -v, --version                    Show Renamer version
    -L, --license                    Show some information about Renamer license
    -V, --verbose                    Run Renamer in verbose mode (quiet by default)
    -h, --help                       Show this help


Downcase files

$ ls
# => FILE1 File2.txt File3.TXT

$ renamer -d FILE1 File2.txt File3.TXT

$ ls
# => file1 file2.txt file3.txt

Change file extensions

$ ls
# => file1 file2.txt file3.txt

$ renamer -e pdf *

$ ls
# => file1.pdf file2.pdf file3.pdf

Get the source

$ hg clone


If you want to contribute you should take a look at:

Problems, comments, and suggestions are welcome on the ticket system