lqpl / TODO.txt

Full commit
  ...DONE  Add message info for compile
  ...DONE  Add name of file to titlebar of qstack and main panel
  +  Hide dump and stack translation at start
  ...DONE  Connect tree depth and recursion spinners to model and event handling
  ...DONE  Better positioning of all elements
  ...DONE  Better output of Stack Translation (vertical list of maps)
  ...DONE  Better text output for Dump (then better altogether)
  ...DONE  Add Recursion Multiplier spinner to main page
  -  Create preferences dialog and allow changing of some things that are constant
  ...DONE  Add BUILDING file

  ...DONE  Auto start compiler and lqpl-serv
  -  Allow specification of where to find these (url, ip, port)
  +  Upgrade to Haskell Platform 2012.02

  XXX  Get RAWR build working
  + Get Rake build working
  ...DONE  Get non-MAC compatibility elements working - menus, About menu item, file/close mi
  +  Get MacPList location done.

  + Upload new versions (jars and Haskell servers)
  + Update docs

  ** Revise as per notes
  ** Plan programs
  ** Test each program

  ** REALLY before demo in HFX
  *  Before demo in Halifax
  +  Nice before demo, definitely before release
  -  When possible
  ...DONE - Well, done.
  XXX Decided not to do.