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Hello there a friend of mine pointed me to your project and I think it's really interesting. I just had a quick glance but I had an idea that you might like to consider. For a course I taught an introduction to Python. It was structured in two parts. The first part was a formal presentation and the second part was an exercise. For the exercise I created a Python script that works like a game. You call a function in the interactive shell e.g. level0() and it will tell you what you should do to complete level0 if you complete it correctly you will get a level code with which you can progress to the next level e.g. level0('foobar'). The students enjoyed that a lot and everybody completed the whole exercise even though some of them had to spend extra time! I would suggest the same to you for your exercises. If you are interested you can have a try at ... there is a little surprise if you finish the whole exercise ;-)

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