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host the book on ReadTheDocs

Mathieu D.
created an issue

It would be really nice to have an always-up-to-date hosted version of the book. This would be possible using ReadTheDocs, their only requirement is to have the source files stored in a "docs" folder.

I did a test on a fork, and the only things to do to make this possible would be basically to rename the "src" folder to "docs", and enable the ReadTheDocs post-commit hook in the repo's admin page.

You can have a look at the result from my fork here: http://python-3-patterns-idioms-test.rtfd.org/

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  1. Alireza Savand

    Nice job! But it seems the last commit made at 2009!.

    Since this is an openSource and free book, somehow sad to see no more contribution. Beside that the book is prefect enough ;)

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