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Mark Fink
created an issue

I found your comments about EuroPython (I was curious if you would mention my talk...). I just learned that you use Sphinx and Mercurial and that you are not completely happy with it. I somehow feel urged to comment on this. Since I was impressed earlier this year by the online book Martin Fowler is writing on DSL and I am about to started out with something similar myself on open source testing tools. The solution I came up with was Sphinx + Mercurial and I want to say that I am quite happy with those tools.

Another thing that came onto my mind during your talk was that the book should contain a chapter or two on testing. I see things like TDD, unit testing, logging, debugging, etc. What do you think?

Cheers, Mark

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  1. Anonymous

    I didn't reply to this before because it came as an email with no link, but the second version came with a link. Anyway, in general it's better to use the newsgroup for discussion.

    I'm actually very happy with Sphinx and Mercurial and Bitbucket, and would definitely consider them again for another project. However, the hurdles seem to be too high for participation by the group, which is why I'm moving to a wiki.

    Yes, we'll need at least a chapter on testing. What you see is in draft form only (if it were a wiki and you were in the group, you would have just stuck chapter stubs in).

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