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Annotate commit breaks Sublime TFS for people who don't have TFPT 2010

Dan Kordik
created an issue

Noticed today that my Sublime TFS no longer works. After looking through the latest commit (9e503db0fb31369c2415a2709f81cb43f66f6f6c) I think I've found the culprit:

  • "tfpt_path": "C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 Power Tools/TFPT.exe"

Might want to do a check in the code to see if people have Power Tools, or everyone who doesn't is going to be erroring "WindowsError: [Error 267] The directory name is invalid" like me

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  1. Dan Kordik reporter

    Changed to invalid as I haven't been able to fix things by rolling back to an earlier revision. Still on the hunt for what exactly is going on.

  2. Dan Kordik reporter

    All commands were not working. It's all good now though.. I installed TFPT and restarted, not sure what would happen if I just restarted without installing TFPT.

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