KPP - symbolic chemistry Kinetics PreProcessor, Version 2.1
  KPP is distributed under GPL, the general public licence
    (C) 1995-1997, V. Damian & A. Sandu, CGRER, Univ. Iowa
    (C) 1997-2005, A. Sandu, Michigan Tech, Virginia Tech
        with contributions from:
        R. Sander, Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany


To get started with KPP:  Read user's manual (doc/kpp-UserManual.pdf)

To install KPP:

1. Make sure that FLEX (public domain lexical analizer) is installed
   on your machine. Type "flex --version" to test this.

2. Note down the exact path name where the FLEX library is installed. The
   library is called:
	libfl.a or libfl.sh 

3. Define the KPP_HOME environment variable to point to the complete 
   path location of KPP. If, for example, KPP is installed in $HOME/kpp:

   - with C shell (or tcsh) edit the file .cshrc (or .tcshrc) in your
     home directory and add:
	setenv KPP_HOME $HOME/kpp
	set path=( $path $HOME/kpp/bin )
     Execute 'source .cshrc' (or 'source .tcshrc') to make sure these
     changes are in effect.

   - with bash shell edit the file .bashrc in your home directory and add:
	export KPP_HOME=$HOME/kpp
	export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/kpp/bin

3. In KPP_HOME directory edit: 
   and follow the instructions included to specify the compiler, 
   the location of the FLEX library, etc.
4. In KPP_HOME directory build the sources using:


To clean the KPP installation: 

1. Delete the KPP object files with:
	make clean

2. Delete the whole distribution (including the KPP binaries) with:
	make distclean


If you have any problems please send the detailed error report and the machine
environment to: