Christos Kannas  committed ef21957

Fix: d_Rct should be a pointer to double. RCT is the correct variable's name.

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       FunctionBegin( F_VAR, V, F, RCT, Vdot );
       /* CUDA required variables */
       C_Inline("\t/* CUDA required variables */");
-      C_Inline("\tdouble *d_V, *d_F, d_Rct, *d_A, *d_Vdot;");
+      C_Inline("\tdouble *d_V, *d_F, *d_Rct, *d_A, *d_Vdot;");
       C_Inline("\tint size = 0;");
       C_Inline("\t/* At the moment use only one CUDA device, if available */");
       C_Inline("\tsize = NREACT * sizeof(float);");
       C_Inline("\tgpuMalloc((void **)&d_Rct, size);");
       C_Inline("\tgpuMalloc((void **)&d_A, size);");
-      C_Inline("\tcopyToGPU(size, Rct, d_Rct);");
+      C_Inline("\tcopyToGPU(size, RCT, d_Rct);");
       /* Execute */
       C_Inline("\t/* CUDA Kernels Execute*/");